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Camping project participants were preparing for spring festivals

One and a half years passed quickly from the day the project “Children’s day centers activity development in Švenčionys district municipality” was launched, and already on 21-25 March of this year PI “Good Wind” in Kaltanėnai education and tourism center for Adutiškis and Švenčionėliai VDC visitors organized the last, sixth, resurgent nature reflection spring festival camp “Meeting the spring transformation festivals…”. During the five-day camp activities, the campers participated in various purposeful activities creating many interesting works. This time, the campers were taken care and entertained by their already known and nice leaders: Kristina, Sandra, Eurika and Dometa.


During the camping participants went to the educational-study trip to Labanoras, during which they not only visited the recently opened Labanoras craft center where encouraged by skillful housewives learned to bake homemade bread with hemp and put it in the oven, but also visited reborn after the fire wooden Labanoras Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church and Labanoras Regional Park Visitor Center and its internal exhibition “In the embrace of Great Grove”. After that the campers, led by Labanoras regional park specialist, traveled walking by cognitive natural trail visiting awakening from the winter sleep Labanoras grove and searching tangible evidence of signs of spring there…At the end of the trip Kaltanėnai Manor Park was visited… Upon returning after the trip it was enough time not only for various other activities, but also for organizing the entertainment: without worrying about suddenly returned winter the campers spent nice time outside enjoying snow. …The remaining days of the camp participants were intensively preparing for the upcoming spring festivals: painted and decorated Easter eggs with wax, onion leaves, herbs and paper cuts, as well as colored, modelled a variety of decorations, festive symbols intended for the decoration of Easter egg tree. Also, each group through a variety of techniques developed the impressive Grand Easter egg – all four groups of campers thorough works enlivened the Centre’s internal interior very much and created a festive environment. Do not forget also memorable evening events and active spare time at the sport field, as well as plenty of experienced impressions…

During this camp the campers got unexpected guests – Švenčionys District Municipality Council members Vida and Vytautas Rasteniai, who brought gifts for children and spread warm wishes due to upcoming spring festivals… Guests also handed Naisių Summer Ltd organized contest Children Easter 2016 thanks for the active Švenčionėliai VDC visitors’ attendance at the mentioned event to social educators of this center: Živilė Stakialytė and Ina Tomaševskienė.

On the last day, the campers also spent time wisely: decorated cookies-flowers with colored glaze which looked like a carpet on the table, reminding spring revival to everyone, unimaginable without first greenery and brightly-colored blooms… After that – the overall memento photo, sensitive farewell moments with group leaders, camp friends … and with fairings bags full of baked bread, Easter eggs and festive cookies, campers were preparing for going home spreading a festive uplifting mood…

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