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The Closing Event of Project “Development of Children Day Care Centres’ Activities in Švenčionys District Municipality” was held at Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre

The Closing Event of Project “Development of Children Day Care Centres’ Activities in Švenčionys District Municipality” was held at Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) on 16 December this year. The event gave a perfect opportunity to review the work done, to identify achievements as well as troubles and problems encountered during implementation of the Project. In other words, it was a perfect occasion for sharing experience. Slightly over two years have passed since 3 October 2014 when a tripartite agreement regarding funding of this Project was signed at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour (completion of the Project was scheduled on 30 April 2016, however, upon taking into consideration the encountered unexpected circumstances, implementation of the Project was extended until 31 December this year – the author’s note). Therefore, the event definitely provided a perfect setting for recollection of the relevance of already implemented Project focussing on the objective to establish conditions for full-fledged growth of children in Švenčionys District.

This Project publication event was attended by many invited guests who had been involved in implementation of the Project directly or indirectly: Jūratė Sabaitė, Project Manager of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Program Department of the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA); Salvinija Obeliūnienė, Financier of the International Financial Support Department of the CPMA; Dovilė Žižienė, Council Member of Švenčionys District Municipality and Chairperson of Švenčionėliai Community; Representatives of Švenčionys District Municipality Administration: Teresa Sansevičienė; Head of Culture, Education, Youth, and Sports Department; Ana Aidietienė, Head of Children’s Rights Protection Department; Modesta Semėnienė, Senior Specialist of Social Welfare Department; managers of other institutions of Švenčionys District Municipality and social partners: Elena Kadzevičienė, Director of Educational Support Service; Major Algirdas Andrulionis, Commander of Švenčionys Cordon of Ignalina Battalion of the State Border Guard Service; Romualda Baranauskienė, Director of Sirvėta Regional Park; Algirdas Uziala, Deputy Principal for Education, Acting Principal of Adutiškis Basic School; Tomas Rokickis, Elder of Kaltanėnai Eldership; Aleksandr Necvetnyj, Director of UAB “RTS Baltic” and Manger of the Project Contract Work. The event was opened by a speech given by Kęstutis Lisauskas, Director of Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre and implementer of the Project. He welcomed the guests and rejoiced that implementation of this rather complex project was successful after all. He gave credit to the importance of the contribution made by harmonious work of the entire team of the Centre and emphasizing the support shown by Švenčionys District Municipality Administration including the support given by various district institutions contracted under inter-agency cooperation agreements. Later the attendees of the event had an opportunity to get acquainted with a detailed overview of the Project presented by Irena Turčinskienė, Deputy Director of Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre and Project Manager who was familiar with the situation involving the Project inside out. She mentioned and discussed the major achievements and work done over the past two years: in the beginning of 2015 Children Day Care Centres (hereinafter referred to as the CDCC) were established in Adutiškis and Švenčionėliai with a camping base in Kaltanėnai, the issue of transportation of children attending Adutiškis CDCC and residing in rural areas, camps of even six different themes have been organized for children, computers, household appliances, furniture, tourism and sports inventory as well as various entertainment and leisure time means have been purchased, and contract work has been finally completed and planned in autumn this year.

Upon getting acquainted with the work implemented within the course of the Project and the variety of events organized for the attendees of the CDCCs in Adutiškis and Švenčionėliai, representatives of various institutions praised the initiative of K. Lisauskas, Director of Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre, and high-level work done by the entire staff of the Centre in not only taking care of welfare and future of children raised in social risk families but also their endless energy and creative potential in organizing other content-rich activities of this Centre. The guests expressed many beautiful thoughts and meaningful wishes and brought much joy to the attendees of both Children Day Care Centres as well as the staff of Kaltanėnai Education and Tourism Centre by presenting the gifts they brought.

After the official part of the event ended, K. Lisauskas, Director of the Centre, invited the guests to look around the premises of the Centre renovated within the course of implementation of the Project: four rooms designed for provision of family empowerment services as well as leisure time and active recreational areas equipped within the surroundings of the Centre. He also invited to visit Children Day Care Centres in Adutiškis and Švenčionėliai and to meet the attendees of both Centres. Ina Tomaševskienė and Asta Galatiltienė, the social educators working here, were happy to tell the visiting attendees of the event about a variety content-rich activities organized here. To sum up the event held, it is important to emphasize that the implemented Project “Development of Children Day Care Centres’ Activities in Švenčionys District Municipality” gave a chance not only to celebrate the achievements in creating welfare for children in our region, but it also reminded an important commitment made by Švenčionys District Municipality, i.e. to ensure continuity of the activities of Children Day Care Centres in future as well.